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Results Key

0-25%  - Area of Concern: Generosity is a vital area of growth for all believers and it is possible that you are not taking this practice seriously enough.  It is also possible that much of your activity is generated by a motive of guilt (I’m not doing enough.), pride (What’s mine is mine.), or despair (I will never measure up so why try?).  It’s odd but some motives of the heart can often paralyze the believer from ever experiencing the freedom that comes from impoverishing one’s self with the intent to privilege another. This is an easy area to practically correct but one that could be emotionally painful - merely seek ways to give of yourself. This is a good time to speak to a community group leader, elder or pastor.

26-50% - Needs Attention: You may sense sincere conviction in this area but as of yet your practice does not match that conviction.  Totally understandable and you may need to explore and development biblical convictions regarding the ministry of generosity across the board.  This is a crucial area for your spiritual growth. Unless you begin to develop core, gospel-centered convictions regarding generosity, grumbling or resentment could set in.  We encourage you, within the practice of generosity, to trust that what God says is “good” is good. Ask him for the heart of generosity that matches the practice of generosity.

51-75% - Growth Encouraged: If you registered within this percentage parameter then you are probably engaged in basic forms of generosity. may not be a heartfelt priority in your Christian walk. That’s why it is important to seek well-established wisdom structures.  By that we mean, seeking the counsel of older believers whose generosity you would like to emulate. Take an offered class on financial budgeting.  Develop a realistic plan that allows time to give to others in hospitality or service. You are exhibiting incredible growth in this area. Enjoy it!

76-100% - Area of Strength: Your story needs to be told.  Most Christians do not “arrive” at generosity by accident.  Our guess is, through your Christian life, you have struggled in this area. Most have.   As of this assessment, God has given you incredible freedom and victory and for that we praise God on your behalf. Much Gospel work has been accomplished through your generosity.  As you know, however, many sincere Christians struggle in this area and will need ongoing mentorship, counsel and encouragement. God has positioned you to be that. We see this in leading a Community Group centered around budgeting; leading a ministry of some kind or offering your time and wisdom to a younger Christian as a means of encouragement.

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