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Results Key

0-25%  - Area of Concern: You may be perplexed as to why you scored yourself in this percentile category.  In times like this, it is always good to ask yourself questions. Such as: How important in my life is voicing to God his greatness and power?  How often do I express my gratitude for what Jesus did for me? How often do I gather with other Christians in Community Group or Sunday’s for the expressed purpose of worshiping our great God?  Such self-questions can be powerfully relevant as they reveal things about ourselves that, on the surface, seem unpleasant. We highly encourage you to recommit yourself to gathering with other Christians, seeking out wisdom from an Elder, Pastor, Biblical Counselor or Community Group leader.


26-50% - Needs Attention: Ok, you’re convicted by the fact that the practice and discipline of worship has been a low priority.  Now is the time to act upon that conviction. We encourage you as you attend Sunday gatherings that you realize worship is not something that happens to you but something you make happen.  Trust the leadership team on the platform to musically, lyrically, ignite in your affections for Jesus and his Gospel. Set your smartphone timer to remind you throughout the day to pause and praise.  Lead your family as you pray for meals or at bedtime to take a moment to think about a biblical truth revealing a quality of God that illicites worship.


51-75% - Growth Encouraged: God is working!  We praise God with you.  One question: Has the Holy Spirit revealed to you idols of your heart that compete for worship affection?  This frequently happens. As we draw near to our Father in worship, he graciously reveals to us areas of our life that must no longer occupy worship space in our hearts.  More often than not: You are the only one that can detect such mini-idols. Do not be frustrated and feel that growth is not happening. The fact that God’s Spirit has revealed those areas to you is strong, conspicuous evidence that he is, indeed, working.  Seek the counsel of others who have the same desire to continue growing.

76-100% - Area of Strength: What a gift to enjoy!  You are in a season where you understand that storms happen but as long as our lives are built upon the rock of Christ we will not be shaken.  Embrace this season and pray for ways in which you can encourage others who are struggling. A very strong temptation will be to do everything you can to remain in this season indefinitely.  It is not on you to ensure seasons of spiritual prosperity. That realization can be incredibly freeing in that you need not waste one ounce of spiritual energy on trying to keep something you cannot control.  Enjoy him. Worship him. Encourage others to join in with you.

Adapted with permission from www.bradhambrick.com