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Results Key

0-25%  - Area of Concern.  If we are to grow in Christ, the content of the gospel is extremely vital to our own soul.  It is very possible that the percentage was low because you are a new Christian and have yet to be taught the beautiful components of the Gospel.  No need to be alarmed because as you grow in Christ you will further see the multi-faceted aspects. If you are one who has been a believer for several years, we cannot impress upon you the urgency of growing in this area.  Please pay particular attention to opportunities to attend seminars or read books that detail out the components of the Gospel.


26-50% - Needs Attention.   There are doctrinal or practical areas of the gospel that seem unfamiliar or distant to you.  Such aspects are absolutely necessary in order to effectively navigate through life’s many twists and turns.  One area of concern would be recognizing who we are in Christ. When we have a confident awareness of Christ in us and what that means, we will begin to see sin for what it is and Christ for who he is.  An area of development could involve a more consistent presence at Sunday morning gatherings, reading gospel-centered books or signing up for the Gospel Class.


51-75% - Growth Encouraged.  This is an area where growth has already occured.  Our encouragement to you is to continue the path God has for you - not neglecting the fellowship of Sunday gatherings, further gospel-centered reading and perhaps an appointment with one of the Elders/Pastors to inquire of ways to foster further growth.

76-100% - Area of Strength.  Gospel-centered growth is happening in your life to the point where it is absolutely vital to seek opportunities for you to multiply your influence in the lives of others.  We’re hoping the following assessments will aid you in clarifying just how that could happen.

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