Spiritual Development


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Results Key

0-25%  - Area of Concern: Often Christians believe that in becoming a Christian, nothing else needs to happen except wait for either the end of the world or the return of Jesus.  Nothing could be further from the truth. The Bible calls us to grow “up into our salvation” (1 Peter 2:2). Peter uses the imagery of a newborn baby craving milk from the mother.  There will be a point in that baby’s life when the mother’s milk will no longer suffice. Why? Because they grow. As in the above, it is very possible that you registered in this percentile merely because you are a new Christian and have not progressed as of yet in your Christian life.  For you, the community of believers and regular exposure to the Word of God is essential. Continue in that. If you have been in the faith for a while, could it be possible that growing in Christ has not been a concern of yours? Does that bother you? We pray it does. Perhaps it’s time to position yourself in situations where you can grow:  Sunday gathering attendance, service in a ministry, regular times of daily Bible reading and prayer.


26-50% - Needs Attention: All Christians default to areas of their life where they feel that growth in Christ is nonexistent or stunted.  In such seasons of life, it is important to continue in the basic practices of the spiritual disciplines. Perhaps changing up the routine or exploring other, less familiar, disciplines would help.  We highly encourage you to speak with a biblical counselor, pastor or perhaps your Community Group leader if for no other reason but prayer and support. The important thing here is to continue in your pursuit of Christ - regardless of circumstances.


51-75% - Growth Encouraged: No doubt you’ve heard the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  It plays well here. You’re growing! We celebrate with you! Our encouragement to you is continue in pursuing Christ.  Could it be possible that now, in this particular season of your Christian walk, that you begin to explore theological thought and/or leadership?  Perhaps now is the time to “push the envelope” a tad. We encourage you to seek out a mentor, pastor, biblical counselor or faithful friend who is positioned to speak into your life regarding potential future growth.  Keep an eye on classes, seminars, and training through Arcade that could better equip you.


76-100% - Area of Strength:  The “win” of ministry at Arcade Church is that we become a fellowship of disciple-makers.  If you are in this percentile, it is time you consider becoming one. Not that you have arrived, but that you have weathered the storms of life.  You have endured seasons of dryness as well as pockets of loss and grief. You know what it is to pray and feel unheard or read your Bible and think nothing is sinking in.  And yet! And yet, God has proven himself faithful during such times. What you have learned and experienced MUST be transferred to others in the throes of similar circumstances.  Consider leadership training, teacher training, becoming a biblical counselor or Community Group leader. Take your pick - your church needs you.

Adapted with permission from www.bradhambrick.com