Arcade Church holds a large group of seniors who have created a culture of stability within the congregation. Focusing on the love of Christ, we seek to ENGAGE and SUPPORT our senior population through various Sunday morning classes, occasional potlucks, and smaller groups that come together in fellowship. 

Class times

Masters (Age 75+) - Book of Psalms
Leader: Bob Sieglitz
10:30am - Arcade Campus - Fellowship Hall 504

Koinonia (Age 55+) - Book of Matthew
Leader: Bob Newell
10:30am - Arcade Campus - Fellowship Hall 506 & 507

Cornerstone (Age 50-60) - Various Studies
Leader: Wayne Breece
10:30am - Arcade Campus - Room 602

FOCAS (Age 60-70)
Leader: Brian Anderson
10:45am - Arcade Campus - Fellowship Hall 509

Abundant Life (Age 60-70) - Series of six week classes
Leader: Tom Barnhart
10:45am - Arcade Campus - Room 603

Other programs 

We Care
The WE CARE Group is for senior singles, widows, and widowers. We meet for lunch the first Sunday of the month in the Fellowship Hall at noon (right after the second service).

Member Care Department
Mobilizes our deacons to visit you, pray with you, and help you solve issues that are unique to Seniors. Please call us at (916) 972-1617 ext. #115.