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0-25%  - Area of Concern: A watershed moment for all Christians is when we first realize that it’s not just about “Jesus and me” but, even more importantly, “Jesus and us”.  Such an awareness is contrary to the current of culture and yet intrinsic to faith in Christ. As above, it is very possible that you have never once thought about multiplying yourself in Christ because you, yourself, are a new Christian.  We encourage you to begin praying and seeking ways in which God can use you. Buckle up - he will answer that prayer in surprising ways. If you are an older Christian, it is very possible that you have fallen into the trap set by the Devil himself - the trap self-centeredness. Jesus has purchased for us on the cross the privilege of repenting of that sin and beginning anew.  Take the time to speak to a spiritual mentor, pastor or elder.


26-50% - Needs Attention: You are aware that God has called you to be a witness of his Gospel.  You know what the Bible says about being on mission. It is impossible to claim naïveté or ignorance on such manners.  And yet it has been years (perhaps never) since you were a vocal witness for Christ. In fact, great energy has been spent spiritually hiding your faith in the workplace or classroom.  As convicting as that may be, you are paralyzed by fear, anxiety or intimidation. Every believer has been there. We encourage you to open up to your mentor, pastor, biblical counselor or Community Group about this.  Ask them to pray for you and check in on you from time to time. Once you “go public” with your concern you will be surprised how you can, in turn, encourage others who feel the same way.


51-75% - Growth Encouraged: You are being challenged in this area.  And by God’s grace, you are responding to that challenge.  We encourage you to continue seeking opportunities to be a verbal/active witness for Christ.  We also encourage you to begin praying that God lead you to a person with the intent to model for them, growth in Christ so as to make them a disciple-maker.  This will require inconveniencing yourself for the sake of another. There is always fruit when the people of God spend themselves for the sake of his kingdom.

76-100% - Area of Strength: If you registered in this percentile then you have probably experienced the kind of fruit God produces through the disciple-making process.  We praise God with you. This is no time to rest on past victory but rather to seek opportunities to multiply yourself. If you haven’t already we encourage you to get involved in the NextGen Ministries, Community Group training or Biblical Counseling.

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