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When God moves, so do mountains.

God stirs the hearts of kings. He rebuilds nations through His people.  He restores the hope of the lost. What if God’s next move is in YOU?

Women, get ready for a powerful weekend of worship and growing in God's Word.  On November 2nd-3rd, we'll journey through the book of Ezra and discover how God stirs hearts to hear, see and follow Him.  

Registration is now open! $70 a person.

Includes four Keynote Sessions, your choice of two Workshops and continental breakfast, lunch and light refreshments.

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EZRA (Megan Fera):  Through the book of EZRA, we will discover how God moves his people out of exile and into His Temple to see, hear and follow him in total unity - and how he is still building His church through believers today.  

Breakout sessions

STORYTELLING WITH PURPOSE (Ashlee Gadd): Everyone has a story that can be used for God’s glory. This interactive workshop will challenge your mind, stir your heart, and help you think about, write and tell your story for the ultimate author. 


ENJOYING YOUR BIBLE (Debbie Hardinger): Did you realize that knowing and enjoying Scripture go hand in hand? Do you often find yourself paralyzed when the dreaded break happens between Bible studies and you just don’t know what to do? Join us at this workshop to learn personal study habits that will help you navigate, learn and love Scripture all on your own.  Gain fresh ideas to shake up, revive and give structure to your study time so you can know and enjoy your Bible!


LIVE A LIFE OF PRAYER (Shari Bonnard): A powerful and effective prayer life shapes our expectations of God and deepens our relationship with Him.  This workshop will guide you in different prayer methods and help you develop a personal habit of prayer. 


STEP AWAY WITH HAGGAI (Self-Guided): Want to step away with God for some alone time?  There’s a personal study workshop designed for you!  We’ll provide you with a study guide through the book of Haggai that can be completed in one hour. Grab a cup of coffee and start the journey anywhere on campus.


MOURNING TO JOY (Nancy Fiol): God can use Scripture to heal the pain of losing a loved one. This workshop will explore what the Bible says about grief and loss and equips you to come alongside one another in restorative ways.


LEAD LIKE EZRA (Abbey Feely): God uses leaders like Ezra throughout history to accomplish His plans. In what ways could God be calling you to lead? Whether or not you are in a formal position of leadership, women are being called to lead in our workplaces, communities, churches, and homes. How can you be ready and equipped to lead like Ezra did?  Join us to explore what Scripture says about leadership and how to develop your own skills to make a greater impact for His kingdom. 


DISCIPLING YOUR SPHERE OF INFLUENCE (Sally George & Kim Kirchmeyer): Everyone has a sphere of influence.  Maybe it’s your kids, your friends, your co-workers, your neighbors, or even your barista. God has placed you exactly where He wants you to be – so let the influencing begin! This workshop will help identify your unique spheres of influence and give you practical ways to disciple others in the everyday rhythms of life.


HOPE AND HELP FOR MARRIAGE OF MIXED BELIEF (Suzzanne Bonn): Special challenges arise when a woman wants to passionately pursue Jesus but her husband does not. Whether her husband is not a Christian, or just has a differing degree of commitment to Jesus, she may experience loneliness, stress or frustration as a member of God's family. God's word is full of encouragement and exhortation to help you pursue Jesus while loving your husband well, whatever his beliefs. This workshop will provide hope, encouragement, and support from Scripture, as well as a guided conversation to help you live fully devoted to Christ in a marriage of mixed belief. 


CARING FOR WOMEN AFTER ABORTION (Kathy Hoover): Grief and loss can take hold suddenly in our lives leaving us wounded and struggling with overwhelming emotions. Experiences from an abortion may lead to feelings of pain, depression, guilt, shame, anger or numbness at some point in our lives. Statistically, 4 out of 10 unintended pregnancies end in abortion. Those same statistics are true in the body of Christ. In this educational workship, learn how the secret of abortion impacts women, and hear about God's heart to heal your or someone you know from the trauma of this experience. 


HONORING SINGLE WOMEN (Suzzanne Bonn): God's family includes women who are single for all kinds of reasons. For some, singleness is a life-long call. For others, it is a new season brought on by divorce or the death of a spouse. Others may be temporarily single while awaiting marriage. In all cases, God's word is clear: single women are able to make a powerful impact in the church. But too often, single women may experience feelings of loneliness, exclusion, and limitation in church life. This workshop will provide encouragement and support from Scripture as well as a time of conversation to support you so that you can make the most of your gifts and talents as a single woman in God's family. 

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EZRA Keynote Leaders


Megan Fera - Teaching Leader

Megan is a dynamic Bible teacher who has a passion to teach, train, lead and advocate for people to know Jesus by personally adopting His Word.   As a graduate of Pepperdine University School of Law, she is a practicing attorney in litigation, government law and Christian non-profits.  Megan has been actively involved in leadership through Bible Study Fellowship for the past decade and teaches in Family and Women’s ministries at Arcade Church. Megan is married and has three children.  


Beth Whitney - Host

Beth's love for people and Jesus are the driving force behind her ministries serving and leading teams. She is a Bible teacher, a certified Biblical Counselor through the Association of Biblical Counselors and certified in Ministry Leadership through Western Theological Seminary.  Beth also serves in Women’s and Children’s leadership, Pastoral Care and Biblical Counseling ministries. She has been married 24 years and is the mother of three girls.


Taylor Clifton - Worship Leader

Taylor is a worship leader at Arcade Church with a passion for seeing women rise up in worship and celebrate who they are in Christ. She has led worship teams since her youth group days and continues using her gifts by partnering with her husband, the worship pastor at Arcade Church.  Taylor works as a fitness instructor and personal trainer.  She is the mom of two young girls. 


Breakout Session LEADERS


Ashlee Gadd

is a wife, mother, writer, and photographer. She is the author of “The Magic of Motherhood” (Zondervan, 2017) and founder of Coffee + Crumbs—a collaborative blog and podcast that supports mothers through the power of shared experiences, artful storytelling, and creative community. Ashlee is passionate about equipping women to use their creative gifts for the glory of God. She's been married for 11 years and is a mother to two young boys.


Shari Bonnard

is a nationally known prayer leader and workshop teacher. She leads regional movements of prayer as a member of the National Day of Prayer Task Force and the founder of City Gates Pray, a non-profit dedicated to praying for the restoration of communities troubled by gun violence, human trafficking, and homelessness. She also serves as a Sacramento County Law Enforcement Chaplain and crisis responder.  Her missionary work in Thailand and Vietnam span more than a decade. Shari works as a Systems Engineer consultant for the public and private sector in the Sacramento area.  She has three daughters ages 7, 8 and 11. 

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Abbey Feely

is the director of Women’s Ministries at Arcade Church. She is passionate about women knowing the Bible and helping women ignite their God-given gifts to further His kingdom.  Abbey has been teaching in higher education since 2006 and has presented at national and regional conferences and local events. Abbey is married with two children.


Debbie Hardinger

has 35 years of experience leading and discipling women as a Women’s ministry leader, Bible teacher and one-on-one counselor.  She studied Business as Corban University and is a Certified Biblical Financial Counselor through Christian Financial Concepts.  As the Board President of Alternatives Pregnancy Center, Debbie has a passion for supporting women facing an unplanned pregnancy and giving them the hope of the Gospel.  She is married to Craig, lead pastor at Arcade Church, and they have a son, daughter-in-law and one grandchild as well as serving as foster parents over the years.

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Kathy Hoover

has more than 20 years leading abortion after-care support groups and retreats and training lay counselors for women facing unplanned pregnancy.  She is the creator of, “Hope Encounter,” a widely-used Bible study curriculum for men and women who have experienced abortion.



Sally George

has worked with Fortune 500 companies as a brand builder for the last 20 years.  In both work and life, Sally is passionate about engaging people with the hope of the Gospel. She is a Children’s ministry leader and Bible teacher in Women’s ministries.  Sally is married with three children.  

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Kim Kirchmeyer

Whether she's in her workplace, neighborhood or local church, Kim sees endless opportunities to spread the Gospel. She has worked for the State of California for 29 years, appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger in 2009 as the Deputy Director of Consumer Affairs with the Medical Board fo California. She currently oversees 180 employees as the organization's Executive Director. Kim has led Bible studies, taught in Women's and Children's Ministries, and served on the Praise and Creative Arts teams. 


Nancy Fiol

has a heart for serving women who have experienced personal loss. She is the director of the Arcade GriefShare ministry, promoting reliance on Scripture in seasons of grief.  With more than 25 years shepherding women, Nancy has led many ministries including the co-creator of the Arcade Connecting Mom’s ministry to train mothers for leadership.  She has two adults daughters, six grandchildren, and three great grandchildren.  Her current household includes 9 people spanning four generations. 


Suzzanne Bonn

is dedicated to helping women apply God's truth to life's struggles. Over the last 20 years, Suzzanne has served as  a Biblical counselor, mentor and counseling teacher. She is certified through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors and Association of Biblical Counseling. Suzzanne has been married 36 years and has 8 kids, 3 grandkids, and one spoiled Siberian Husky.

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5:30 - 7 pm: Conference Check-In

(Don't miss our patio party with beverages, music and a place to connect before things get started. Bring your dinner and join us!)

7:00 - 8:30 pm: EZRA Session I: God Moves

8:30 pm: Coffee & Dessert



8:00 - 9:00 am: Continental Breakfast

9:00 - 10:30 am: EZRA Session II:  God Overcomes

10:30 - 11:00 am: Break

11:00 am - noon: Breakout Sessions

Noon - 1:00 pm: Lunch

1:00 - 2:30 pm: EZRA Session III: God Protects

2:30 - 3:00 pm: Break

3:00 - 4:00 pm: Breakout Sessions

4:00 - 4:30 pm: Break

4:30 - 6:00 pm: EZRA Session IV: God Forgives