be warned: signing up for a community group means you'll make friends, Grow in your faith, and have a good time. 

We have many types of group offerings from Sunday Bible studies to weekly groups that meet in houses and coffee shops throughout the Sacramento area.

Groups have started but there is still time to register and connect with other Arcadians or join us on Sunday for any of our drop in classes.

WeekLy ADULT Groups


All Adults
6:30 pm – Minor Prophet Study - Meet in East Sacramento


Women's Groups
9:30 am - Daniel Study - Arcade Campus - Room 602
7:00 pm - Daniel Study - Arcade Campus - Room 602

Men's Group
6:00 am - Prayer Group - Arcade Campus - Conference Room


All Adults
1:00 pm - Grief Share - Arcade Campus - Fellowship Hall  
6:00 pm - Families with small Children - Meet in Carmichael (FULL)
7:00 pm - Grief Share - Arcade Campus - Fellowship Hall
7:00 pm - Psalms Study - Meet in Arden/Arcade
7:15 pm - Minor Prophet Study - East Sacramento (age 20’s-30’s) (FULL)

Men's Groups
7:00pm - Minor Prophet Study - Arcade Campus Room


All Adults
7:00pm - Minor Prophet Study - Arcade Campus Room 601

Women's Groups
6:45pm - Mark Study - Arcade Campus Fellowship Hall (FULL)


All Adults
7:00pm - Financial Peace University - Arcade Campus - Room 601
7:00pm - Minor Prophet Study - Arcade Campus - Room 506
7:00pm - Praise & Worship - Arcade Campus - Room 508
7:00pm - Psalms Study - Meet American River Dr


All Adults
7:00 - Minor Prophet Study - Meet in Carmichael


Women's Group
8:00am - Prayer Group - Arcade Campus - Room 400


All of our Sunday groups are drop-in.

9:00 AM - Women of the Word - 601
age range: all women  | Leader: Barbara Burnett

9:00 AM - Women's Mark Study - Fellowship Hall North
age range: all women | Leader: Abbey Feely |  Register on the Women's page

9:00 AM - Men's Mark Study - 603
age range: all men | Leader Jim Thompson     

9:15 AM - General Bible Study - 602                    
age range: 30's-50's | Leader: Paul Suosa

10:45 AM – Abundant Life - 601                       
age range: 75+ | Leader: Tom Barnhart

10:45 AM – Cornerstone - 602
age range: 50's-60's | Leader: Wayne Breece

10:45 AM – Faith Builders - 603
age range: 50's-80's | Leader: Bill Simmons

10:45 AM – F.O.C.A.S. - 509
age range: 50's-70's | Leader: Brian Anderson

10:45 AM – Koinonia – Fellowship Hall South                     
age range: 55+ | Leader: Bob Newell

10:45 AM – Master’s Class – Fellowship Hall North
age range: 75+ | Leader: Bob Sieglitz

Women's Groups

For more details on our women specific groups head over to our women's page.

Other Class oFferings

Sunday Nights
Side By Side - Loving People Well

We've all been there: a friend is in the middle of a crisis or is struggling with sin and they are looking to you for help or guidance. Are you prepared? Do you know where to go in the Bible to point them to Jesus? Do you feel ill-equipped to guide them in a Christ-like way? Join us for a 5 week class that will address how we can all love people well, in the power of the Spirit, with the sufficiency of Scripture. On Sunday evenings, September 9 through October 7, from 6-7:30 pm in the worship center. No need to register unless you require childcare. If you do require childcare, please register below.

If you have any questions about Community Groups please email