WeekLy ADULT Groups and classes

Once you find a group that works for you click the sign-up button towards the bottom of the page, fill out your information and choose your group on our web form. If you have questions, please email: groups@arcadechurch.com


Men’s Prayer Meeting
Leader: Marion Imel
6-6:30am - Arcade Campus - Conference Room

College & Young Adults Group (On Summer Break)
Leaders: Yelena Bulanova, Yegor Semenyuk, Myles Gilbert, Mikhail Komarchuk
7pm - Arcade Campus - Fellowship Hall




Praise & Worship Group
Leaders: Tim Leake & Tim Hughes
7pm - Arcade Campus-Fellowship Hall


Women's Prayer Group
Leader: Ella Lewis
8am - Arcade Campus - Room 400

Sunday (Morning)

Childcare is available for all Sunday morning classes and they do not require sign ups unless highlighted.

Masters (Age 75+) - Book of Psalms
Leader: Bob Sieglitz
10:30am - Arcade Campus - Fellowship Hall 504

Koinonia (Age 55+) - Book of Matthew
Leader: Bob Newell
10:30am - Arcade Campus - Fellowship Hall 506 & 507

Cornerstone (Age 50-60) - Various Studies
Leader: Wayne Breece
10:30am - Arcade Campus - Room 602

FOCAS (Age 60-70)
Leader: Brian Anderson
10:45am - Arcade Campus - Fellowship Hall 509

FaithBuilders (Age 50+)
Leader: Bill Simmons
10:45am - Arcade Campus - Room 601

Abundant Life (Age 60-70) - Series of six week classes
Leader: Tom Barnhart
10:45am - Arcade Campus - Room 603

Women of the Word
Leader: Barbara Burnett
10:45am - Arcade Campus - Fellowship Hall 508
$ Fee for Curriculum

If you have questions about Community Groups or are interested in leading a group, please email