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Results Key

0-25%  - Area of Concern: There can be a wide range of reasons why you registered with the percentage:  It is possible that you’re a brand new Christian and are just getting your feet wet in being with other Christians on a regular basis.  It could be that you have been a Christian for some time and were convinced you could pretty much “go it alone.” There could also be one more possible reason:  You have tried Christian community, you were hurt by it and are resistant to enter into again. Our assertion is this: Regardless of which of the above you identify with - you are not alone.  Sometimes just knowing that encourages us. The question then is this: If “community” is an integral part of becoming a disciple-maker, are you willing to enter in?


26-50% - Needs Attention: Entering into Christian community is risky.  For it to be effective requires the participants to be generous with themselves.  Perhaps that is why you registered in this particular percentage. That kind of time and vulnerability does not appeal to you.  Just so you know - we get it. But one of the greatest hindrances to becoming a disciple-maker is that we can dupe ourselves into thinking the Christian life is primarily about me and my personal relationship with Jesus.  It is, indeed, that - but it’s more than that as well. There is an “us-ness” within the Christian life that is integral. We highly encourage you to take the risk of getting involved in a Sunday gathering ministry team, a Community Group, or missions trip.  You will be encouraged and you will grow.


51-75% - Growth Encouraged: You recognize the power and blessing of Christian community.  You know what scripture says about the “one anothers”. You understand that community involves you being Christ-like to others and you allowing them to be Christ-like to you.  Is it possible, however, that other things have crowded out such a practice? We all know life is busy 24/7. Good things in this life seek our immediate attention and if we’re not careful our calendars can fill up with important stuff at the expense of the vital stuff.  Could it be that you need to step up by stepping back into deliberate Christian community? Perhaps expand your circle of friends to include the marginalized, the new attendee, or your neighbor.

76-100% - Area of Strength: Awesome! You rated high in this area.  One question: Does your Christian walk reflect the rating?  As you know being in community with others takes an incredible amount of effort.  In short...are you efforting? Because you rated high in this area it means you have experienced the power and beauty of community.  Is it possible that God is calling you take a more leaderly role if you have not already? We highly encourage you to seek those leadership positions such as:  Community Group leader/host, ministry department head, etc. Please see one of the pastors to inquire further. Enjoy!

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