Chadd Shoemaker.JPG

Chadd Shoemaker

Audio Associate, Creative ARTS

Chadd started working at Arcade in 2018. Before Arcade, he worked at GeekSquad, giving him skills in technology and communicating with others. Chadd served at his previous church with lighting and stage set-up, among other things. He was the "glue" in any situation where people were needed, and many of these tasks carry over to the work he now does at Arcade. 

Chadd loves how Arcade is rooted in the word of God, and is excited about the future of the church. 

Chadd is a big fan of all-things outdoors, whether it's camping or boating, and as a lover of music, he plays a little bit of several instruments. He brings passion, fresh ideas, and new excitement to Arcade's Creative Arts team.